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I intended to paint a portrait of the catch-22 of being a released ex-convict: even though they are physically free, the metaphorical prison of stigma doesn’t allow them to truly escape. That story changed dramatically one night, after a visit to a bar…

Back at the house, Maggie and Shane began fighting. Before long, their yelling escalated into physical violence. Shane attacked Maggie, throwing her into chairs, pushing her up against the wall and choking her in front of her daughter, Memphis.

After I confirmed one of the housemates had called the police, I then continued to document the abuse — my instincts as a photojournalist began kicking in. If Maggie couldn’t leave, neither could I.

Photographer as Witness: A Portrait of Domestic Violence - LightBox

Man, this is hard to look at. I’m not sure I’ve seen a more disturbing photo essay in years, and it certainly throws up some interesting questions for photographers working in these kinds of intimate settings.

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